At PPH, we’re thrilled to announce that we are now open for in-person tours, and we will be hosting in-person events in the very near future.

We are excited about being able to greet you in person, show off our beautiful campus, and introduce you to our friendly residents and team. We’re also very happy that residents will be able to share in-person activities, gather in groups for lunch or dinner, and give affectionate hugs. And we’re grateful that continued safety measures, vaccinations, and a better understanding of this disease are returning PPH, and the greater community, to normalcy.

But along with in-person tours and events, we’re excited about technology that PPH and other senior communities have grown comfortable using during the pandemic, and feel it will be very useful to us moving forward. Here are some of the high-tech tools and resources we’ll continue using as we move into the new normal.

1. Video chats

Our residents have grown to love meeting with their friends and families through video chats. They’ve met great-grandchildren for the first time. Blown out candles. And celebrated anniversaries. All on screen with the touch of a button. Video chats have enabled small and large groups to come together, no matter where they are in the country. When families can’t spare the time away from work or the money for a plane ticket, they can still see their loved ones.

2. Virtual events

It’s great to attend events in-person, but there are a number of reasons why virtual events can be helpful additions to our schedule. In inclement weather, you can still enjoy an informative and interesting presentation. If one or more speakers can’t make it to the community because of schedules or distance, we can still benefit from their knowledge and expertise. And it’s easier for everyone to attend events at their convenience, from their living room.

3. In-house TV channels

We’ve always made good use of the PPH TV channels, but during COVID-19, we expanded our use of them, and came to rely on all of the resources they provide. Residents can easily take a class from the comfort of their residence, and many people who didn’t use the wellness center before found themselves really enjoying the TV exercise segments. PPH TV also helps keep residents connected to their spirituality though daily options broadcast from our chapel, and other seminars, movies and programs are easily available with the click of a button.

4. Virtual Tours

If you’d like to see an apartment right away, but can’t make it over to the PPH campus, you can have one of our sales specialists walk you through our community virtually. We can even connect with  a family member across the country, so you can both view the apartment and get your questions answered during the same call.

5. Telehealth

In 2020, we embarked on “Strengthening Connections,” our campus-wide Wi-Fi project. In addition to improving the community’s infrastructure, enhancing safety and security throughout the PPH campus, helping staff work more effectively, and seamlessly connecting residents to their loved ones, the new project supports telehealth services. This means that our residents can quickly, and virtually, see a doctor at all hours — enabling us to proactively handle any health issues that may arise, and foster better overall wellness for our residents. The campus-wide Wi-Fi project will truly be a foundation from which we can build a stronger, safer community.

Although the technological resources that we embraced during the pandemic have strengthened all of our connections, we are also thrilled to now be open for in-person tours, and we hope to see you soon on campus.

Call 215-697-8086 to schedule your tour of the PPH campus and learn about upcoming virtual and in-person events.