My team and I spend a lot of time speaking with people trying to make a decision on whether to move to a senior living community. Some of them quickly recognize the benefits of our community and make their move within 4 months. Others may take a few years. Most of the conversations we have with the latter group end in “I’m just not ready yet”. Part of it is that they don’t think they need to move to a place like this just yet. Honestly, by the time they need us, they won’t be able to enjoy the freedoms of living independently. The other part is fear.

Making rash decisions based on needs and urgency is necessary in life. Moving to a senior living community shouldn’t be one. You have to want this. Being an active member of the greater community, volunteering at the local elementary school, going on mission trips to third world countries, running a community garden, and taking yearly road trips around the country are things PPh residents want to do. And because of this, they decided to move here. The freedom of living maintenance-free allow them to do the things that matter the most to them. What matters the most to you? Fear is a normal part of this process. We’re here to hold your hand through it. Call us if you’d like to talk.



Not ready to take the leap into a new chapter in your life? Let’s talk about your concerns and explore why a move is a great idea.