Aging in place is a broad term used to describe the idea of seniors living in the residence for as long as possible. The foremost goal of aging in place is to provide the services and amenities required to continue day to day living for the senior. At PPH, our all-in-one approach to senior living gives residents the opportunity to improve their quality of life in a safe, caring environment – even if their care needs change.

The Basics of Aging in Place

Aging in place at an all-in-one community ensures a senior’s emotional, social and physical needs are being met. While independence is continued for the senior, mobility and safety adaptations may be implemented. Having a team of caring, passionate staff is paramount to successfully aging in place.

As long as careful planning is involved, aging in place can work for all parties involved. Seniors considering aging in place need to accept the potential changes they may encounter throughout the process. As we age, our bodies change and in turn, our capabilities change. Examples of changes that could occur:

  • Reduced vision
  • Hearing loss
  • Decreased mobility
  • Memory loss
  • Reduced cognitive function
  • Lower endurance
  • Decreased strength
  • Balance problems

Everyone goes through one or more of these changes as they get older. Accepting some of these may occur gives you time to prepare for what you need to age in place. You can predict what type of day-to-day impact you may experience and make informed decisions about your needs. After evaluating what type of aging in place plan you would prefer, consider reaching out to all-in-one senior living communities to schedule a tour or ask questions. The changes seniors undergo can attribute to the following issues:

  • Increased fall risk
  • Difficulties getting up and down stairs
  • Concerns over driving safely
  • Problems keeping up with home and yard maintenance
  • Less socialization
  • Mobility problems around the house
  • Transportation issues

The Benefits of Aging in Place

Making a plan of action in advance can help aging in place go smoothly. The earlier you plan out your retirement years, the better. Plans should include an outline of financial and medical decisions, as well as a list of wants and needs in a senior living community. Plans are likely to change as needs adjust, but making early arrangements helps avoid common setbacks that could occur down the road. For instance, if you have a pre-existing medical condition, you want to make plans to guarantee you have adequate health insurance and any additional monies to cover medical expenses.

An aging in place plan will plot out how you will continue to enjoy your life and maintain your dignity. A common fear for seniors is becoming a burden to family members. An all-in-one senior living community helps you find the right type of residence with the right type of assistance for your specific requirements. Goals of an aging in place plan vary from person to person, but sample goals could include:

  • Home and yard upkeep is completed without incident
  • Attending social events and activities with peers
  • Traveling safely from place to place
  • Getting around the home easily
  • Addressing any health issues promptly
  • Staying active through programs and amenities

Achieving these goals may require a variety of resources. Here are some aging in place supports often provided at senior living communities

  • Medical assistance: Taking care of your health while aging in place is your top priority. Nursing care assists with any medical issues that need to be handled on a day-to-day basis
  • Personal care: Trained and certified staff can help with taking care of your body. If you have mobility issues, an aide could assist with dressing and bathing. Health statuses can change, so an aide may only be required for a short period of time
  • Home and yard maintenance: Housekeeping services help keep your home in order. A housekeeper may also assist with laundry. Landscapers can cut the grass and may also offer snow removal services
  • Proper Nutrition: Getting proper nutrition could be a challenge while aging in place. PPH offers a variety of dining options to ensure residents enjoy healthy, nutritious meals to meet their needs

PPH can help you achieve your aging in place goals. Our independent living, memory care and skilled nursing options offer services such as housekeeping, on-site banking, fitness center, social calendars and more. Contact us to schedule a tour of our welcoming community.