When new residents move into a retirement community, they’re usually trying to subtract possessions, not add them. Even if they’ve already drastically downsized, they may find themselves still paring down after they’ve moved in. As long as it doesn’t clutter up the new place, giving your loved one, or new neighbor, a housewarming gift is a fabulous idea.

Here are some (compact) housewarming gift ideas to help new residents feel at home:

  1. A gift card to a local restaurant. The resident will appreciate the gesture, and you’ll be helping them get to know the area’s culinary delights. (During these times of social distancing, they can opt to use the gift card for delivery or takeout.)
  2. Personalized address labels. A gift basket filled with labels, printed with the resident’s new address, along with stamps and stationery or note cards, will make it easy to keep in touch with family and friends.
  3. Door decor. A customized doormat, colorful wreath or figurine, to put in an alcove near the resident’s door, will make their new place instantly feel like home.
  4. A bird feeder. A hanging feeder, along with a bag of birdseed, will attract colorful feathered friends to the balcony or patio for the resident’s viewing and listening pleasure.
  5. Gifts of green. A small, easy-to-care-for fern, or succulent plant in an attractive pot, dressed up with a ribbon, will bring a touch of the outdoors in.
  6. A calendar or datebook. Having a place to write down appointments for get-togethers with new friends, or keep track of all the activities happening on campus, will help the new resident get involved in community life.
  7. A subscription to the local paper. If the new resident is moving to the area from out of town, a daily read will help them feel connected to the local community.
  8. Tech talk. An iPad for FaceTime, Google Nest Hub or Amazon Echo Show will help the new resident keep in close touch with friends and family members.
  9. An exercise mat. The new resident can use a mat for yoga or aerobics classes, live-streamed on the community’s in-house channel, or in the fitness center when things open back up.
  10. Monthly subscription boxes. Residents love the ritual of anticipating something special, whether it’s a puzzle, a treat or a flower bouquet.

Give a tangible gift, or just the gift of your time. The most important thing is showing you care. If your friend or family member has moved to a community, your gift may be keeping in touch frequently. If you’re a neighbor or fellow resident in the new neighborhood, your gift may be an invitation—to go on a socially distanced walk, or to introduce them to others in your community.

We hope you’ve found these gift ideas helpful, and we look forward to welcoming you back to our campus soon. We are now scheduling safe in-person visits to the community. Please give us a call at 215-697-8086 to arrange your personal tour, or if you’re more comfortable visiting virtually, we also offer this option. In the meantime, click here to watch our Virtual Information Series, a collection of informative videos about life at PPH.