We would like to thank Danny Goldsmith, Bernie Lens, and Allan Silverberg of the Jewish War Veterans of the U.S.A., Post 697, for sharing their amazing Holocaust survivor stories with our guests and residents. Many in our audience were moved to tears as Danny shared his story of his courageous mother, loving father, and the many “righteous gentiles” who after numerous attempts saved him and his sister’s lives.

Photos of the horrific times of the Holocaust were shown, allowing us for only a moment, to imagine what it may have been like for children like Danny, living in hiding from Nazi soldiers and for young American soldiers, like Bernie, putting their lives on the line to end the war.

We were honored to have Danny and Bernie share their experience. Their experience and story taught them an invaluable lesson they hope to teach others, “hate is not genetic, it is learned.” Danny and Bernie urged the audience to rise against hate, bullying, and any behavior that takes away from the human rights of others.

The event was covered by 6abc news. Click on the link to watch the clip.

Watch the clip on 6ABC of Stories of Service and Survival

holocaust surviors

Pictured left to right: Allan Silverberg, Danny Smith, Bernie Lens, and Jan Walters.