As we age, it becomes more and more important that we continue to set fitness goals and maintain our physical health. Lifestyle and nutrition choices really affect our bodies as a whole. Physically fit seniors have stronger bones, reduced joint and muscle pain, better balance, improved mobility, and a longer, healthier life. Seniors are realizing these advantages and becoming more involved in sports, recreation and other exercise programs. Regardless of what kind of activities you participate in, at least 30 minutes of physical endeavor each day can greatly improve your quality of life. These 30 minutes can be broken up- ten minute walk, yoga before bedtime- it all adds up.

There are many resources to tap into on how to stay as active as possible. AARP is a great resource and offers tips including:
-Find a friend to exercise with to keep you motivated
-Set specific short and long term goals
-Wear the right shoes
-Do balance exercises as well as strength exercises

At PPh, we offer a variety of programs and activities designed to improve the physical health of our residents including AquaPPhit, Yoga and Tai Chi (click on the Lifestyle tab above). In addition, you can tune in to WBCB 1490 AM show, UpWords with Chris Ermer on Tuesdays at 1:30 pm and listen to our Wellness Director, Maureen Solomon’s Health Tip of the Day. We’ll also be providing those health tips right here, every week.