At PPH, there are many spots — indoors and outdoors — you’ll find residents frequenting throughout the day. Some are great for socializing, some are suited for solitude, and others may offer a combination of both. Whether you want to eat lunch with a friend, read a book, enjoy a friendly chat, go for a walk, or just meditate, there are plenty of spots throughout campus.

Dot moved to PPH in February of this year. She quickly made friends by volunteering with the PPH Auxiliary, but also by spending time in the Fountain Room. The Fountain Room is one of her favorite places on campus to sit down and chat with people, usually over lunch or a snack from Scoops.

The Fountain Room is also a great place to catch some baseball on TV. When the Phillies play in the afternoon, the lounge near the TV is almost always full of PPH residents cheering on the home team.

Dot in the Fountain Room

Cheering the Phillies on

Helen also spends time in the Fountain Room watching TV or chatting with fellow residents over a meal, but she most enjoys sitting outside in the courtyard. And you aren’t likely to find her with a book or an electronic device — she enjoys taking in the scenery, from the different plants and flowers to the architecture and ambiance the area has to offer.

Helen in the Fountain Room

When Joe isn’t playing shuffleboard or cornhole or delivering mail, he enjoys reading a book in PPH’s courtyard, surrounded by flowers and a water fountain. Joe — who moved to PPH last year — says that for many years he lived in an apartment without an outdoor leisure area, so he never takes for granted the opportunity to sit outside comfortably and enjoy the outdoors as he reads.

Joe enjoying a good book in the courtyard

Overlooking the courtyard is the ACE Center. Perhaps the PPH resident who most embodies the ACE Center is Ron. Only a short distance from his apartment, Ron spends many hours in his art studio inside the ACE Center, working on various projects for family and friends.

Ron in the art studio

Up past the courtyard is a koi pond. Friends Natalie, Margaret, June and Anna enjoy feeding the koi fish on campus in the spring and summer months. There are hundreds of koi fish in the pond, but June seeks a turtle that often swims up to the ledge. She gave the reptile the nickname Murtle the Turtle, only to later find out after doing some research that the turtle is male. The ladies couldn’t come up with a boy’s name that rhymed with turtle, so they settled on Marty. Next time you’re on campus, be sure to bring a couple of quarters to feed Marty and the fish. PPH’s Maintenance team recently reinstalled a snack dispenser outside, under the gazebo and right near the pond.

PPH friends at the koi pond

Overlooking PPH’s front entrance is the puzzle table, with a list of PPH residents who have been recognized as a “Puzzle Enthusiast” in years past. Tom and June are both regulars at the table, often working on 500- and 1,000-piece puzzles.

June working on the latest puzzle

These are just a few of many spots throughout the community. If you’d like to view a virtual tour of the PPH campus, please click here.