There seems to be a holiday or observance for just about everything! From “talk like a pirate day” to “chocolate chip cookie day” — you can usually find a day, week or month where there is something to celebrate. One weekly observance that just about everyone can aspire to is “Simplify Your Life” week, which is observed from August 7-13th.

When we think about the concept of simplifying our lives, the first thought may go to tangible items. Too much stuff! What better way to simplify then to downsize your belongings? Or your living space. That four bedroom house that was a perfect fit twenty years ago has now become a burden. Simplifying can also mean removing yourself from obligations that no longer benefit you or give you joy. The following tips can (hopefully) put you on the path to a simpler, more enjoyable life:

1. De-clutter your living space.

Easier said then done! Starting small is the key to staying motivated. If you start with that one cluttered desk drawer, rather then the entire garage, you have set a more realistic goal. You will also be able to see progress as you finish each small area which will keep you motivated for the next space.
Click here for more information on de-cluttering.

2. Go paperless.

You may not feel comfortable with completely “losing” the paper in your life, however some bills can be set to automatically come out of your checking account. You can renew certain subscriptions online and opt for digital invoices instead of relying on a paper bill. The same advice is true for going paperless — start small. Try one or two bills to pay online and when you feel comfortable, add more!

3. Simplify your time.

Sometimes there can be too much of a good thing. Maybe you enjoy volunteering at a soup kitchen once a month, however you find that over time you have been asked to give more of yourself until it becomes a burden. Maybe you used to like to play bridge, however now you do not enjoy it as much. Your time is YOUR time and you decide how to spend it!

4. Organize your medication.

If you do not take a lot of prescription medication feel free to skip ahead to the next tip! If you do, this is an important (and sometimes critical) tip to simplifying your life. First, go through all of your medications, including over-the-counter medications, and dispose of expired bottles. If you no longer take a prescription medication, dispose of them as well. You can bring expired and other medications to your local pharmacy for safe disposal. Replenish your over-the-counter medications that may have expired and keep them on a separate shelf then your prescriptions medications. Now that you have only the medications your are currently taking, consider setting up a weekly or monthly pill organizer. Click here for instructions on how to set this up.


5. Unplug.

As much as technology has helped the human race, it has also caused a lot of unintentional consequences. Hours of mindless scrolling on social media and the nonstop news-cycle has been proven to negatively effect our moods, especially with so much toxic and “bad” news available 24/7. Take time to unplug and read a book, pick up that knitting project or simply daydream. Your brain will thank you!