When searching for senior apartments in Philadelphia, you’ll want to have a list of questions readied as you tour each community. Amenities, location and cost are a few considerations when looking at senior living options. At the end of the day, don’t discount the vibe you get as you tour senior communities. When you stumble on the right place, you’ll get a sense in your gut that you have found the ideal location to live out your golden years.

Senior Apartments Location

When searching for a senior apartment in Philadelphia, location is key. Consider the places you tend to visit often and calculate the apartment’s proximity to each. Check distance from the senior community to each of the following:

Another part of deciding on location for your Philadelphia senior apartment is safety. Research the neighborhood to make sure it’s a safe place to live. You should feel comfortable walking around outside of your community. Building security is also a factor. You may want to choose a senior apartment complex that controls the comings and goings of residents and visitors. For instance, the community may use keycards or employ a security guard.

Amenities Included

One of the major benefits of living in a senior apartment is that you won’t have to worry about upkeep. Within a senior community, staff members are entrusted to take care of all maintenance duties. As you tour communities, find out what type of inclusions come standard. Most places will include snow removal, lawn care, appliance repair and garbage removal. Many communities will include even more amenities to appeal to seniors. For instance, if you no longer drive, you may want to look for a community that assists with transportation. You could also locate an apartment complex that provides housekeeping and laundry services or helps arrange these services on your behalf.

An advantage of senior living is having the opportunity to continue with your active social life. You’ll enjoy having the opportunity to meet others and form lifelong connections with your new neighbors. Therefore, it’s important to look for senior living apartment complexes that provide recreational activities. During your tour of each community, ask to view a weekly or monthly schedule of planned community events.

Importance of Dining

A common mistake made by those who tour senior communities is to overlook available dining options. If you dislike the food at a community, you’re not going to enjoy living at your new apartment. View menus and ask to sample meals. In many cases, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find restaurant-style dining available with delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options.

Check Out the Staff

A good staff will make all the difference when comparing senior apartments in Philadelphia. Are they friendly and courteous? Do they make eye contact and answer all of your questions without hesitation? Furthermore, note how they interact with current residents. If they are putting on airs for you, but appear unkind or rushed to the community members already living there, that’s a big red flag.

Training is also a big factor when choosing a senior living apartment. You’ll want to ensure staff members are equipped to handle any health emergencies that could arise. The community should have all proper licenses and certificates required by the city of Philadelphia.

Speaking to Prospective Neighbors

When touring senior complexes, don’t be shy about chatting with current residents. The people who live there will give you the inside scoop about the community. They can let you know their likes or dislikes about the complex. But don’t rely on the word of a single resident. You should always talk to more than one neighbor. Opinions vary. For instance, one neighbor may be a finicky eater and despise the food while others rave about the cuisine.

Another part of getting to know your neighbors is deciding if they are a good fit for your personality. Do they share similar interests? Can you picture spending time with them? Since you want a community with social activities, you’ll want to socialize with your neighbors. Although socializing with neighbors is important, also consider visitor policies. You’ll want the community to welcome visitations from your friends and relatives. Find out if rules are in place regarding overnight visitors or any other restrictions apply.

PPH can offer everything you’re looking for in a senior community. Our community is focused on creating an atmosphere where each resident is regarded as family. To find out more about our senior living options, contact us today.