As we grow older, it is not uncommon to see the roles between parents and children reverse. Children eventually have families of their own and often end up caring for their aging parents as time moves on. However, depending on the needs of your parents, your financial situation and their physical capacity – you may not be able to provide your parents with the proper level of care on your own. At this point, it is important for families to consider the benefits of a personal care facility or senior living community that will work best to meet your parent’s needs. While this may seem like a difficult decision at first, once you know where to start, you’ll find that there are many comfortable and modern retirement options available.

How to Find the Right Retirement Care for Your Parents

Before you begin your search for the perfect senior living community, it’s a good idea to look at the level of care your parents need now and then look ahead to the future. What type of care may they need in five years? Or ten? While it’s hard to predict what life may have in store during your parents’ golden years, thinking ahead and planning accordingly is ideal. While some retirement communities only focus on one or two different care options, others offer a continuum of care that is designed to adapt and change as your parents’ needs change as well.

Levels of Care: Independent Living to Personal Care

Start your search by determining whether your parent would be comfortable moving to an independent living community or somewhere with access to additional care services like a personal care. Typically, independent living communities are set up for people over the age of 55, who can care for themselves but sometimes need assistance with chores like running errands and would like access to medical care in case they need it. If your parents can cook, clean and generally take care of their day-to-day needs without assistance, this is a great option.

On the other hand, a facility with personal care services is convenient for seniors who can do some things on their own but may need additional help with general hygiene or personal upkeep. At PPH, we offer independent living, personal care and memory care for our residents. Depending on your stage of life and need for care, the staff at PPH can help as you move through life’s major milestones. In this type of retirement environment, residents have their desired independence, along with access to caring and skilled nursing.

Ambiance: How Comfortable Will Your Parents Be at Their New Home?

Saying goodbye to the family home or moving away from their grandchildren can be a difficult process for many seniors but when your parents have the opportunity to move into a comfortable new setting, chances are their worries will fade away quickly. It’s always helpful to visit a care facility or retirement community campus before deciding whether it is the right choice for your loved ones. Take some time to get familiar with the staff, ask lots of questions and look for evidence that could make your family feel positive or negative about the community.

Some positive aspects may include the happy sounds of residents gathering together over coffee or a board game, the smell of freshly prepared snacks or meals being served and a welcoming staff. On the other hand, some negative aspects may include poorly cared for facilities and overworked staff or attendants.

Consider Special Care Needs

While feeling comfortable and maintaining some level of independence are both very important to most seniors, families should also consider any special care needs that their loved ones may have before settling into the right retirement community. Some of the most common care needs that you should consider include:

  • Hygiene – Is your parent able to maintain their grooming, dressing and hygiene needs? If you’ve noticed that they are having difficulty taking care of these everyday needs on their own, personal care may be a good option.
  • Memory Care – Does your parent currently struggle with memory loss or any other symptoms of dementia? If so, looking for a facility that offers memory care services is key.
  • Weight Loss or Weight Gain – Sudden weight fluctuations often indicate that your parents aren’t getting proper nutrition from their diet. Other indications that they may need access to nutritional counseling and meal assistance include loss of appetite or an unwillingness to cook.

The Philadelphia Protestant Home: Learn More About Our Award-Winning Retirement Community

At The Philadelphia Protestant Home, our residents can enjoy their golden years in a loving, family-oriented and wholesome retirement setting. As a premier senior living community, we are proud to provide a continuum of care for our residents that is designed to meet their ever-changing medical, health and wellness needs. We have options for independent living, personal care, skilled nursing and rehabilitation and much more. Interested in learning more about what makes our retirement community so great? Contact our admissions team today.