We thank you God for the year past
its joys and sorrows
achievements and failures
growth and loss.
We offer you all we have done and all we’ve left undone
who we have become and who we never will be.
We thank you, God for this New Year:
hopes and fears
potential and challenge
what will happen to us and
what we’ll make of it.
We offer you all we’ll do and
all we’ll leave undone
who we’ll become and
how we will not change.

We resolve to live in circles of gathering
in the sacred space you hold for us
larger circles of community
smaller circles of relationships
everyone in the circle and no one without a circle.

We hold spaces in the circles of our lives
for others to grow and live and
become who they are
spaces for us to grow and live and
become who we are.

We are free persons,
free families and communities
free to create our future
to become what we want to be and
who we want to be.

Life is learning to want the best for ourselves
to look at each other
to look into ourselves and
catch a reflection of God.

May the blessings and challenges of this New Year help you grow into the person God made you to be.

–Pastor Jack