PPH welcomed the Reverend Peter Ahn as the new PPH pastor in July. He succeeds the Reverend Dr. Jack Price, commonly known as Pastor Jack, who retired in June 2022. In addition to working at PPH, he is also a part-time pastor at the Olivet Covenant Presbyterian Church.

What Pastor Peter enjoys about PPH is that there is a life-long relationship that everyone develops during their time on campus, especially all of the staff that have been here for many years, to which he calls a huge testament for any organization. Additionally, when he learned about people who used to work here who eventually became residents themselves, it amazed him, to which he called a great sign. He has a lot of expectations for what he wants to do at PPH, but he also stated that his first job is to “show up and shut up” and find his rhythm as he proceeds.

Pastor Peter views Pastoral Ministery not as a status title, but as a functional title. When he was ordained as a pastor from his denomination in the Presbyterian Church, he knew that this was what he was called to do, rather than being called what to be. He is Peter, a child of God who happens to do pastoral ministery.

When he is not at PPH, he enjoys playing music, as he is a jazz trumpet player, and has even picked up jazz guitar. Additionally, he and his wife enjoyed participating in swing dancing, and is looking to get back into it.

Welcome to the PPH family, Pastor Peter!