PPH welcomed another spiritual companion, Linda Lewis, who is the new PPH chaplain. Linda has over 30 plus years in education, as she worked with not only children, but also staff members too. She worked in a Christian school in the past, and always dealt with issues from a spiritual perspective, and that’s how they approached everything at Holmesburg Christian Academy. After she retired from Holmesburg Christian Academy, she worked two years in a chaplaincy hospital setting, taking classes at St. Mary’s Hospital, and doing clinical rotations at Nazareth Hospital.

The first time she set foot at PPH, she felt right at home. The warmth from the residents and staff, to her, was obvious, and she felt the kindness everywhere she went around campus, even when she got lost in the laundry room. Every time she came back, she felt the kindness every day, no matter where she was. “Their logo ‘This is family’ is the true depiction of this place”, she said.

Chaplain Linda said that if she was asked about becoming a chaplain five years ago, she would’ve given a strange look to the question. She was encouraged by a variety of people to become a chaplain, and when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, she decided that she would become a chaplain. She says that her strength comes from the Lord, Jesus Christ, and while she said she didn’t know she would become a chaplain, the Lord knew.

We are grateful to have you in our family, Chaplain Linda!