smart-ceoPPh is pleased to announce that SmartCEO The Healthiest Company Awards program has been honored as the winner of the 500 -1,999 employees category, for its commitment to health and wellness programs for PPh employees.

Through these programs, today’s health conscious companies like PPh are investing in the strength of their businesses’ futures and the futures of employees and their families. An independent committee of local business leaders selected finalists based on engagement, effectiveness and Return on Investment (ROI)

SmartCEO celebrated the winners at an awards reception on September 20th where PPh was announced as the category winner. Inspiring stories from The Healthiest Companies Awards are shared in the SmartCEO September/October magazine issue.

Maureen Solomon, Director of Wellness at PPh was thrilled to be selected and she recognized the impressive dedication of the group of finalists and thanked her Wellness Coordinator, Kayla Jurimas for her tremendous contributions. “When one of us wins in the Wellness arena, its a win for all of us!” She added, “This job can often be difficult, so its important that we develop extensions of ourselves who understand our hopes and dreams for a healthier workplace. I thank Kayla for her tireless energy in this team endeavor”.

Committing to wellness

 “When I came to this company about five years ago, there was a wellness program in place, but it was….. not living up to its full potential,” says Maureen Solomon, Director of Wellness. “I saw that there was so much opportunity here to increase the awareness of wellness, change the culture that was in place and provide healthy living for all employees. “Having the support of your CEO and leadership team is so important to make the move towards a healthier workplace”. President and CEO of PPh, Anthony Manzo, supports the push for the improved wellness culture and awareness. “We are a work in progress, constantly looking to improve and celebrate our successes and growth every day.”

FUN FACT: PPh’s employees range in age from 16 to 82.

Special perks

“We have marked walking trails that traverse our beautiful 12-acre campus to facilitate daily movement,” says Solomon. The nonprofit’s class schedule includes everything from senior circuit, Tai-Chi and yoga to organized walking and Aqua classes. Two senior fitness programs, Silver Sneakers and Silver and Fit, are offered to community members free of charge if they are eligible through their insurance providers.

Solid results

PPh uses a number of metrics to track ROI for its wellness program, including monitoring healthcare costs, tracking missed work days, workers’ compensation claims and employee engagement. The nonprofit conducts monthly employee education sessions to assess employee morale, confirming their value within the company and encouraging them to utilize the attributes of the Wellness Programs in place to feel better and more connected. “Our findings indicate that all of these [metrics] have improved,” says Manzo. PPh is also recognized by the American Heart Association as a “Fit Friendly” place of employment, an accolade that also brings tremendous pride to the Wellness Department and all PPh employees.