PPH is proud to offer the annual Schea Scholarship for Healthcare Education which can range from $500 to $3,000 to eligible employees. A one-page application with a brief essay is due to the Human Resources department by the last day of the month (Tuesday, May 31). Completed applications can be returned in-person or via email to DFloyd@pphfamily.org. Please call Vice President of Human Resources Daphne Floyd at 215-697-8015.

Scholarship criteria and application below:

Schea Scholarship Criteria and Application 2022


  • Applicants must be currently employed at The Philadelphia Protestant Home.
  • Must be currently enrolled for undergraduate or graduate studies; or pursuing continuing education or professional development programs or certifications.
  • Must be in good academic standing and not currently on employer disciplinary action plan.
  • Application must be received by deadline.
  • Employees currently receiving tuition assistance are still eligible to apply.
  • Employees who are in good standing but not receiving or not yet eligible to receive tuition assistance are also encouraged to apply.
  • Letter of recommendation from a professional, academic, or character reference accepted but not required.


  • Application submitted on time.
  • Application completed in full.
  • Area of degree, continuing education program and/or certification and its impact to PPH.
  • Strength of essay and/or letter(s) of recommendation.