On Friday, January 1, 2016, PPh officially became a smoke-free campus.  The public health benefits of such a change are vast, and with our continued efforts to create a healthy environment and provide wellness programs for both employees and residents, the implementation of a smoke-free campus policy makes perfect sense.

Many universities and healthcare facilities across the country already have banned smoking on their property because of health benefits of not smoking and the increasing cost of health insurance for smokers due to health problems.  James Bergman, J.D. and Judith Falit, M.S., from The Center for Social Gerontology recently released a report stating the health concerns in regards to smoking and facilities that serve older adults.  Of the nearly 416,000 deaths annually in the U.S. due to smoking, more than 70% occurred in those aged 65 or over.  The fact is, tobacco is the only product that, when used as intended, leads to serious illness and premature death.

Anthony Manzo, President & CEO, is ecstatic for the new policy.  “This monumental change not only will be good for public health, but also will be good for business as we project a positive image of PPh as a health organization and offer a healthier environment for PPh residents, employees and visitors.”