Placing it in the top tier of personal care and health care facilities in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, The Philadelphia Protestant Home’s (PPh) Midway/Webb Personal Care and Pathways Heath Care and Rehabilitation Center were found to have “zero deficiencies” during their annual Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare (DPW) and Department of Health (DOH) surveys, which took place in June and December 2012, respectively.

DSC_0666“This is the first time that Midway and Pathways have achieved zero deficiencies in surveys conducted in the same year,” said Anthony Manzo, President and CEO of The Philadelphia Protestant Home. “It is a testament to the dedication and professionalism of the staff in both levels of care.”

The Midway Personal Care unannounced annual survey was conducted by a team from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of Public Welfare.  As part of the survey, auditors examine charts, interview residents and staff, monitor medication dispensing, examine the physical facilities, and review policies and procedures.

Auditors conducted a Licensing Indicator Survey, which is a shortened version of the comprehensive inspection.  It uses a tool designed to measure compliance with a small number of regulations that predicts compliance with all the regulations.  If the Personal Care home is in compliance with all the regulations measured in the licensing tool, high compliance with all regulations is statistically predicted.  Midway Personal Care achieved a zero deficiency rating from DPW.

“The reason that PPh qualified for the shorter Licensing Indicator Survey was because we only had a few minor violations in 2011,” said Maryann Parisse, Administrator, Independent Living and Personal Care.

Pathways Health Care and Rehabilitation Center’s annual survey was conducted by the Pennsylvania Department of Health (DOH).  The DOH surveyors did an onsite inspection to determine that the facility is in compliance with the regulations set forth by the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services for Long Term Care.

As participants of Medicare and Medicaid programs, PPh is required to meet certain requirements per regulation for the health and safety of the individuals to whom services are furnished.

The DOH survey is a long process with four to five surveyors in the facility for four to six days.  The surveyors inspect the physical environment, nursing services, dietary services, physician services, residents’ rights, and quality of care, along with other administrative areas.  The surveyors concentrate on interviewing residents, family, and staff to assure compliance.

“At the core of our success in health care is a unique commitment by our staff to improve the lives of our residents so as to ensure quality of care and quality of life for all residents and a sense of peace and comfort for our families,” said Annie Varughese, RN, C, MSN, NHA, Administrator, Health Care.

As a result of its continued record of excellence, Pathways Heath Care and Rehabilitation Center has earned a five-star rating from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid and was named one of the top nursing homes in the country by U.S. News and World Report.

The Philadelphia Protestant Home (PPh) is a not-for-profit continuing care retirement community located on 12-1/2 acres in the Lawndale section of Northeast Philadelphia – home to nearly 600 residents in Independent Living, Personal Care, and Health Care.  PPh has been providing care to seniors for over 120 years.