As you make your decision about which retirement community to choose, one of your many considerations may be whether or not a community is faith-based.

When you hear about a faith-based community, such as The Philadelphia Protestant Home (PPH), what do you think? Do you consider it, or do you feel hesitant about the community if you don’t happen to be affiliated with that particular faith? We’d like to address some misconceptions that many people have about faith-based communities to help you make your decision.

Misconception #1: You have to be of a certain faith to live at a faith-based community.

At PPH, we welcome people of all faiths — or people who don’t have religious beliefs at all and consider themselves agnostic or atheist.

Misconception #2: Only services of a particular affiliation are available.

Here at PPH, we not only hold Protestant services, but we also offer Bible studies and spiritual groups affiliated with many other denominations, such as Catholic services and Mass, Jewish interest groups, Shabbat and more.

Misconception #3: The name defines the community.

We are called “The Philadelphia Protestant Home” because our roots go back to the vision of our founding ministers to better tend to the needs of aging parishioners. However, over the years, we have broadened our focus to create a caring environment that’s open and welcoming to all.

Misconception #4: People of certain faiths receive preference.

As a faith-based community, our mission is to care equally for all people. Our motto is: “We’re family.” Our residents become part of our family, and family members take care of one another. If you run out of funds at PPH due to no fault of your own, our benevolent care program allows you to continue to be cared for in a place that is familiar, no matter what your faith or beliefs are.

Misconception #5: People of the same faith stick to themselves.

On the contrary, at PPH, people of all faiths are open to one another’s beliefs and friendships and are eager to be involved in special meals, services and celebrations for those of different denominations. You’ll find that residents, neighbors and staff members embrace your beliefs with open arms and respect your individual journey.

When we opened our doors on March 4, 1890, our vision to care for the needs of aging parishioners became a reality, and we welcomed our first resident. More than a century later, we offer superior independent living, personal care, rehabilitation and skilled nursing options to 600 residents in a happy, family-like environment that is open and welcoming to people of all faiths, backgrounds and beliefs.

Unfortunately, we are not able to have visitors right now, due to our need to keep our community safe during the coronavirus crisis. To learn more about life at PPH, we invite you to view our Virtual Information Series, a series of informative videos. Click here to watch videos, or give us a call at 215-697-8000 with any questions.