Bill Conaway, Director of Community Relations, and coordinator of the PPh Veterans Program, emceed the Memorial Day flag raising ceremony – a tradition that has taken place for years here at PPh.

Bill welcomed those in attendance, which mostly was comprised of our residents, resident family, local community members, Troop 160 from Immanuel Lutheran Church along with members from the congregation. Bill spoke of the importance of this tradition and to ensure the true meaning of this day of observance is upheld – to honor those who gave their lives in service to the United States.

Following the formalities of the ceremony, Bill closed with the following remarks. “As PPh celebrates its 125th anniversary of serving seniors, Memorial Day is a day we come together in our communities to remember and honor who have served our country and have given their last full measure of devotion to our country.

They have left a legacy of freedom, they have taught their children and their children’s children the value of sacrifice, work and virtue – the necessary conditions of freedom. They taught us the love of country.”

Thank you to Bill Conaway, all the PPh Veterans, Troop 160 from Immanuel Lutheran Church, all those who participated in this ceremony and those who attended and most importantly to our fallen soldiers.