When you’re shopping for a community, you’ll want to view the grounds, inspect the common spaces, and take a close look at the residences. But some of the most important aspects of the campus might not be readily visible during a tour. You aren’t just looking for a place to live: you want a place that nurtures your total well-being. You don’t just need a state-of-the-art fitness center or a sparkling pool. You’ll want to consider how the community fulfills all aspects of wellness.

Here are the six dimensions of wellness you’ll want to consider—and ways a community can nurture them.

Physical. When you’re looking at a community, don’t just check to see if it has a fitness center and pool—most communities do. Make sure they have really made a commitment to physical wellness. At PPH, our wellness and aquatics center offers a safe and comfortable environment to get and stay healthy, with support from experts who can help you plan a fitness routine that’s exactly right for you.

Environmental. When you tour a community, check to make sure that the environment is healthy and inviting, both indoors and outdoors. At PPH, sitting areas are comfortable and welcoming, with plenty of space to socialize with others or just relax with a good book. Outdoors, you’ll find walking paths, fountains, a greenhouse and a memory garden. Stop for a game of shuffleboard or admire the colorful koi in the pond.

Emotional. One of the most important aspects of community life is a support system of friends, staff members, family and neighbors. At PPH, family has been woven into the fabric of our community since our beginnings more than 128 years ago.

Intellectual. New experiences, new challenges and mental exercises can strengthen and enhance our brain functioning over time. That’s why we’re created our Wisdom in Senior Education program which offers classes and discussion groups that stimulate the mind and pique curiosity. We’re also proud of our well-stocked library with computer workstations, where you can pursue any interest, from genealogy to creative writing.

Social. One of the most important aspects of wellness is social interaction. At PPH, we’re dedicated to fostering social engagement through communal areas designed to make it easy to gather for games, scheduled activities like movie nights and cocktail hours, and numerous clubs, from baseball to crafting to veterans’ groups. We even have our own bowling alley!

Spiritual. At PPH, we are committed to fostering spirituality among people of all faiths and backgrounds. Whether you find fulfillment in services in our on-site chapel, choose to visit with our full-time chaplain or chaplaincy assistant, or just want a quiet spot for reflection, you’ll find the opportunities you need here.

Put your well-being into balance

You shouldn’t feel pressured to check off all of the six dimensions of wellness every day. Stress is the enemy of wellness! But it is important to choose a community that gives you opportunities to nurture all aspects of wellness. One day you may spend time enjoying a yoga class, while another you may take an art class or spend time with friends. The important thing is that you find a balance, and that your community gives you the opportunities you need to achieve wellness on your terms.

Although COVID-19 can make it challenging to practice some regular activities, we are committed to finding creative solutions that keep all of our residents healthy in mind, body and spirit.

We hope you’ve found these tips helpful, and we look forward to welcoming you back to our campus to explore our multidimensional wellness program. We’re now scheduling safe, in-person visits to the community. Please give us a call at 215-697-8086 to arrange your personal tour, or if you’re more comfortable visiting virtually, we also offer this option. In the meantime, watch our Virtual Information Series, a collection of informative videos about life at PPH.