Submitted by Lisa Rubin-Wallack, Director of Social Services at PPh

One of the first coming of age milestones is getting your driver’s license. At sixteen it signified freedom, first leap into adulthood, and may have even catapulted us onto a whole new level of coolness. After driving for 60 years imagine the heartache of not being able to drive anymore. That’s tough to deal with physically and emotionally, as it creates a new dependability after so many years of driving independence.

porsche in tunnel

The growing number of older drivers and the complexity of driving has caused more concern by doctors, families and friends about the safety of older adults. Decisions about driving are often difficult for older people to make alone. There are a number of common physical changes that occur with age including vision, hearing, reaction time, and medications, that can impair driving ability. Even with so many advances in automobile technology, there are still a lot of seniors forced off the road.  Senior driving courses and other resources are available to help ensure that older drivers are safe behind the wheel.  Family members can talk with their loved ones, physicians, social workers and clergy regarding concerns about driving before stripping their senior of driving privileges. Most recently, AARP hosted a driver-improvement refresher course at PPh, discussing defensive driving techniques, new road rules and regulations and proven safety strategies. Participants may be eligible for auto insurance discounts after taking the course.  The next AARP Smart Driver™ Course will be offered on July 14, in our Learning Center. Call 215-676-0898 for more information and to RSVP today, seats are limited.