PPH celebrates Vice President of Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation, Jennifer Honeyford’s 25 years of service.

Jennifer’s favorite part about working at PPH is being a part of the “family” of supportive staff and residents. Jennifer also enjoys developing long-lasting friendships with the residents, especially when learning about their lives, as well as working to make their lives better.

Jennifer started her career at PPH in 1998 as a Recreation Therapy & Life Enrichment Coordinator and transitioned into the role of Director of Recreation Therapy at Pathways. Jennifer worked as a Senior Director of Resident Life and Performance Improvement, where she oversaw both Life Enrichment in Personal Care and Independent Living, as well as Recreation Therapy in Pathways and Chapters. Jennifer loved working with the Quality Assurance and Improvement program because “it gave me an opportunity to bring more education about dementia here at PPH.” That role gave Jennifer the opportunity to teach classes to certify PPH staff members in becoming dementia practitioners. In September 2020, Jennifer would receive another promotion, becoming the Vice President of Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation.

Jennifer enjoys the challenge of her new role, and the opportunity to provide quality care for our residents on a daily basis. What Jennifer also appreciates is that everyone is comfortable approaching her and talking to her.

“The biggest part of my role is being able to take care of the people who take care of the people”, says Jennifer. “My role is to take care of our staff and make sure that they have the tools that they need in order to provide the best quality of care for our residents.”

Jennifer’s biggest hope is that every new PPH employee feels welcomed and has a sense of family, just as she did when she started here in 1998.

Thank you for all you do, Jennifer!