1. Communities are always more expensive than staying in your home. TRUE OR FALSE?
  2. A Life Plan Community, or CCRC, is somewhere you should go only when you need care. TRUE OR FALSE?
  3. It matters whether a community is for-profit or not-for-profit. TRUE OR FALSE?
  4. You should visit communities at least a year before you’re ready to move. TRUE OR FALSE?
  5. You will be forced to participate in activities. TRUE OR FALSE?


  1. FALSE. Compare the monthly expenses of living in your home with costs at a community; you may be surprised. The monthly expenses of living in your home include repairs, maintenance, services and utilities, not to mention unforeseen emergencies. At a retirement community, many of these costs are covered in your monthly fee, plus you receive a dining allowance, fitness and wellness programs, entertainment, and a lower cost of health care should you need it.
  2. FALSE. It’s best to choose a Life Plan Community when you’re healthy and active so that you’re eligible for an independent living neighborhood. You’ll get more out of the many activities offered, and you’ll live life to the fullest, without worrying about home upkeep or health care needs. If you already need care, you’ll need to move directly into a community offering personal care or skilled nursing.
  3. TRUE. You can’t tell at first glance whether a community is for-profit or not-for-profit, but there are important differences. A for-profit community, it goes without saying, is run for the purpose of making a profit. So it is focused foremost on the needs of its shareholders. A nonprofit is driven by its mission to provide quality care and enriching services to its residents. It may make a profit, but it reinvests any profits into the community and into providing benevolent care to residents that have outlived their resources.
  4. TRUE. Visit communities a year before you’re ready to make a move. By being proactive, you avoid potentially choosing a residence when you’re in an emergency. Consider visiting at least three communities to better understand where you feel most at home.
  5. FALSE. Communities offer a variety of clubs, groups, events and excursions. But all those activities are voluntary. Some residents join every club and committee, while others choose not to participate at all. It’s totally up to you!

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