In true family first fashion, PPh honored those employees who have been with the organization for 5, 10, or 15 years with a celebratory years of service luncheon.The day is meant to show gratitude for those people who have reached a milestone in their service.
One of those being honored was Personal Care Social Worker Carrie Gabryelewicz, who had eclipsed her 5 year anniversary. Carrie offered a few words on what these past five years have meant for her.
“Every day is a different adventure.  The time has passed so quickly, I can’t believe I’ve been here 5 years already.  I know when I was hired I originally thought I’d only be here until my son graduated from high school, but that time has come and gone and I’m still here. The main reason for that are my residents, I really look forward to seeing them every day. I’m most thankful that I get to feel like I’m making a difference in their lives. It is very rewarding to see their smiles each day and when they are not smiling being able to put one on their faces. I hope the next five years brings growth in my relationships with my residents, their families, and the rest of my PPh coworkers.”
Congratulations to Carrie and all of the other PPh family members who celebrated a service milestone. Your dedication and belief in the PPh mission help make us what we are today!