As the cooler weather begins to settle in here in Philadelphia, The Philadelphia Protestant Home wants to make sure that our community members – and their loved ones – are eating well. We believe that the shorter, cooler days should be accompanied by cozy and comforting meals. However, as we get ready for the holiday season, it’s also important to remember that cozy doesn’t have to mean unhealthy.

Keeping your diet wholesome will not only leave you feeling great this fall but it can help to prevent a wide array of health issues that seniors are more likely to experience as they hit retirement age. Don’t let the fear of high cholesterol or high sugar levels keep you from enjoying your favorite fall foods. Instead, indulge wisely with a few of our favorite healthy fall recipes and be sure to have lots of fun in the kitchen!

6 Healthy and Cozy Fall Recipes That You Have to Try This Year

1. Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Capers and Carrots

This is a perfect side dish or lunch recipe that is filling, healthy and delicious. Bursting with flavor from the over-roasted brussels sprouts and salty capers, this recipe is vegetarian and low in everything from carbs to cholesterol and saturated fats too! Even if you aren’t normally someone who is big on vegetables, this recipe is so tasty and easy to prepare that it may just become one of your go-to healthy dishes during the fall months.

2. Curried-Squash and Lentil Soup

Another great recipe that is packed with flavor is this curried-squash and lentil soup recipe. This dish is sure to become a hit with your friends and family. Full of sweet butternut squash, mild, yet vibrant curry powder and earthy red lentils – this soup bursts with fall colors and flavors. Once again, this is a simple vegetarian recipe that works well as a starter but can also be served on its own for lunch or a quick snack.

3. Crispy Tamari Kale Chips

There’s a reason why so many Americans are in love with kale! This leafy green is a superfood that is jam-packed with essential vitamins and nutrients. However, kale can also become a bit boring after a while. So, one way you can jazz up your kale for fall is to make crispy, crunchy tamari kale chips. This is a fast and tasty fall recipe that gives you more than 100 percent of your daily intake of vitamins A and C. Plus when you prepare this crispy kale recipe in large batches, you can enjoy a healthy snack all week long.

4. Herbed Chicken and Squash

It’s normal to crave a hearty meal after a chilly fall day running errands or working in the garden, so why not treat yourself with this delicious and healthy recipe? You’ll love the classic flavors of this rustic-style herbed chicken and squash main dish. The lean protein and B vitamins found in chicken are not only part of a balanced diet, but they also promote healthy hair and nails to keep you looking great all season long!

5. Rosemary Apple Bread

If there’s one item you must check off your kitchen to-do list this fall, it should be baking something delightful. If you want to bake a yummy bread that has one-third less fat than the average loaf you’ll find in the grocery store, then this rosemary and apple bread is the perfect choice to usher in the fall season. In addition to tasting great, this recipe features plenty of rosemary, which has been shown to soothe aching muscles and even boost long-term memory. And at just 94 calories per slice, this fall bread is guilt-free too.

6. Poached Apples with Vanilla Yogurt

Just because you’re trying to eat healthy this fall doesn’t mean that you have to skip dessert. In fact, this is a great opportunity to explore new delectable dessert delights that won’t leave you feeling worse for wear the next day. We love this simple and easy fall dessert recipe because it features a thick and creamy vanilla yogurt that is cut by a perfectly poached apple. There are few treats that are more fall appropriate than a yummy apple dessert, so be sure to master this recipe at home and then share it with those you love most.

Enjoy a Safe, Healthy and Happy Fall Season

Don’t be afraid to test your culinary skills this fall. As the days grow shorter and the evenings become colder, we want to make sure that our residents are getting most out of the cozy fall season. Are you interested in more great lifestyle tips for seniors and their loved ones? Then don’t forget to check out our blog. For more information about becoming a resident at The Philadelphia Protestant Home continuing care retirement community, be sure to contact our team today!