Taking the stairs is ALWAYS a healthier solution than entering an elevator crammed with people, touching buttons, people breathing on and near you…

As we navigate this “new Normal” environment, train your body AND Brain to take the stairs when ever possible.

Wear gloves to open doors and try to do the steps “hands free” to avoid touching High Contact areas like stair rails and door knobs.

Always wear your mask “snug” OVER nose and mouth when moving throughout the campus and coming in close contact with others.

Walk OUTSIDE of the buildings on campus to various destinations whenever possible to avoid confined areas crowded with people AND get some fresh air in your lungs along with some Vitamin D.

You must re-enter thru Pathways or Main Entrance which will increase your step count! 

Together, let’s try to develop new, improved behaviors during this challenging time and come out on the other side safer, healthier and wiser.