PPH’s four new Guardian Angels come from different departments across the PPH campus.

Anna. a Gateway Manor resident, recognized Pamela Sawyer of the Medical Office and Services Coordinator Joanne McLaverty.
“Thank you, Joanne, for delivering those heavy boxes with a smile. Especially when you delivered 10 reams of paper to me and placed the boxes in the room. A real unsung hero.”

“There are many unsung heroes at PPH, and Pam Sawyer is the medical office is one. Coordinating times to make sure residents arrive on time to medical appointments is a difficult job, but Pam manages to always do it.”

Emil, also an Alpha Manor resident, chose to recognize Renimol Thomas of Pathways Nursing to show his deep appreciation for the compassion, optimism, kindness and quality care she has given to his wife, Patricia. “Rennie” goes above and beyond to make Patricia feel comfortable, which helps give Emil peace of mind.
“She has always done a great job,” Emil said.

PPH Communications Specialist Mike Berman was recognized by a group of residents for his efforts in putting together PPH’s Martin Luther King Day Jr. program, an in-person event that was canceled and instead was pre-taped due to the COVID-19 Omicron surge in January. The event was canceled only a few days prior, and segments needed to be filmed and a video put together quickly. With the help of Mike — as well as a few of the residents involved — the program was ready in time for Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
“You were there for us every step of the way and made a quick and smooth transition. Your excellent sense of humor along with your respectful approach to the project made it a delight for us to create. We very much appreciate your professionalism and your sense of purpose,” the residents said in a letter to Mike.

A Guardian Angel donation is a meaningful way to express your gratitude for a special PPH caregiver or other staff member who made a difference in your life or the life of a loved one. Recognize his or her quality care and service by making a Guardian Angel gift of $250 in their honor. Your gift supports the PPH mission and further enhances all aspects of resident life.
For more information on PPH’s Guardian Angel program, how to nominate a Guardian Angel and to view past recipients, visit https://philprotestant.wpengine.com/giving/guardian-angel-giving/ or call Director of Fund Development Deanna Keough at 8586.