Out of concern for resident and visitor safety, many senior living communities, including PPH, are not currently open for tours. But we’re hoping that you’ll be able to visit again soon, especially since vaccines for COVID-19 are on the horizon. When you’re able to tour communities again, we hope these questions will come in handy.

  1. May I have a meal here? We put this question first because for many residents, the dining program can make or break their experience with community life. It’s important not to just ask, “Is the food good?” but if possible, to try it for yourself. You aren’t going to get a clear picture of the dining options until you actually have one (or more) meals at the community. At PPH, we offer four different dining venues, from formal to casual, including The Bistro@6500, Main at Martins Mill, The Café and Scoops. Residents and guests can select from multiple chef-crafted entrees, fresh-made soups, salads, desserts and more. We also accommodate special dietary needs and preferences. We can’t wait to open up again so you can get a taste of the delicious cuisine at PPH!
  2. Can I speak with a resident? Of course, it’s helpful to glean information from staff members during a tour or visit, but in order to get a true feel for life at a community, it’s also a good idea to speak with actual residents and get their take on their experience. In these times of social distancing, you may need to have that one-to-one visit on a phone call or during a virtual Q & A, but it’s crucial to get your questions answered from the people who know the community best: its residents.
  3. May I view an apartment similar to the one I will live in? If you’re seeing a model apartment that’s a different size or has different amenities than the one that will be available, that’s valuable to know. You’ll also want to ask if the apartment will be furnished or whether you’ll be able to bring your own furniture and belongings.
  4. What safety procedures do you have in place? During these challenging times, that question is especially important. Although you will most likey be visiting after campuses have opened up, you’ll want to know how the community will be handling any future possible health crises down the road.
  5. Can I see a copy of your most recent activities calendar? You may hear about the enriching wellness classes and social events held at the community, but seeing what’s actually offered on a regular basis will give you concrete information about what life at the community is truly like. You’ll also want to tour the fitness center, pool, art studio, woodshop and other common areas to make sure that amenities are up-to-date and that you’ll have plenty of stimulating opportunities to engage with other residents

Finally, one question you won’t want to ask immediately is, “Where do I sign?” If you are enthusiastic about your experience at the community, it may be tempting to make a commitment on the spot. But it’s always a good to take any paperwork home and give it a thorough going over, possibly showing it to family members as well.

These are just a few of the things you might want to ask on your visits. For a more complete list of questions as well as advice for a productive tour, please watch our video: Top Ten Questions to Ask When Visiting a Community. We hope these tips have been helpful, and we look forward to seeing you back at our community soon!