At Philadelphia Protestant Home (PPH), we’re proud of the long list of amenities that come together to create our active, engaging lifestyle. You’ll find all of the offerings you’d expect to see at a community, as well as many you wouldn’t. And we’re especially proud of some unusual amenities you might be surprised to learn that we offer.

  1. Bowling alley — No, we’re not talking about Wii bowling (although we have that, too!) PPH offers an actual two-lane bowling alley, and it’s quite the popular gathering spot! The alley is especially inviting in cold or rainy weather when you feel like bowling a game or two but don’t want to venture out in frigid conditions and wait in a long line to do so. When you come for a visit, we invite you to lace up your shoes and join our residents in bowling — the regulars in our bowling club are always glad to have some friendly competition! Haven’t picked up a bowling ball in a while? Click here for our list of bowling tips for seniors.
  2. Stained glass workshop — Part of our fabulous Arts, Cultural and Education Center, our Epicurean Glass Works studio gives our artistically inclined residents the tools and techniques to express themselves in a way they may never have tried before. Whether you’re a skilled craftsman like talented, longtime stained glass resident artist Ron Hugo or you’ve never created in the rewarding medium of stained glass before, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination!
  3. Greenhouse — Dedicated gardeners and even casual green thumbs will want to put down roots in the greenhouse, where one can enjoy gardening in all seasons. Here, lush blooms are coaxed from cuttings, and fragile plants requiring regulated climactic conditions are protected in all weather.
  4. Resident garden — Our resident garden is a beautifully landscaped setting that includes a gazebo for private meditation, a pond with colorful koi that all ages will enjoy, a fountain for relaxation and a remembrance walkway where friends and loved ones can be memorialized and honored. The garden is the perfect place for reflection, healing and just enjoying the serene beauty of nature.
  5. Ice cream parlor — At PPH, we’re proud to offer a wide range of culinary experiences, from our formal dining room, Main at Martin’s Mill, to The Bistro @ 6500 for lighter gourmet fare, as well as our casual café. We even have our own little grocery store, the Tabor Market, which is open six days a week for those last-minute items you might need to pick up. But one of our most popular venues is Scoops, which as you can tell by the name serves up delicious ice cream of all varieties that residents and guests of all ages can enjoy. Along with cones and sundaes, Scoops also offers sandwiches, soups, hot dogs, hamburgers and a daily entrée special.

There are many more special PPH offerings that we didn’t have space to list here, so please schedule a tour to see some of the other favorite spots that grace our beautiful campus.