Fifty PPh employees are not ashamed to be called real light weights!

Since October 2011, they have shed almost 600 pounds through Weight Watchers, which meets every Thursday at noon in 13-week sessions.

“This is an extraordinary feat, not to mention a fantastic example of the way our organizational culture has changed to embrace a healthier lifestyle,” said Maureen Solomon, Wellness Center Director.

On August 9, at the last meeting of the session, the group held a healthy pot luck lunch and recipe swap to celebrate their achievements.

Out of the 50 Weight Watchers members, eight have achieved Lifetime status, meaning that they have reached and maintained their weight loss goal. They are can be a part of the Weight Watchers program free of charge as long as they remain at that goal.DSC_0236[1]

Above: Staff celebrated their weight loss at a healthy lunch on August 9.