imageIn 2014, PPh’s dedicated volunteers have completed approximately 41,000 volunteer hours. This vast amount of hours has saved us nearly $375,000 in labor costs, savings we are able to direct towards enhancing programs and services for the benefit of our residents. To show our appreciation for our volunteers, our Volunteer Coordinator, Carol Cherrington, organizes an annual volunteer tea party.

This year’s event took place on December 11th in our Social Hall. Carol presented our Volunteer of the Year award to Rosemary Clark, a charismatic woman who fully immersed herself in the numerous volunteer opportunities at PPh just days after moving in to her independent living apartment last year. It is individuals like Rosemary who truly embody the values and culture that make PPh such a friendly and caring environment.

The afternoon also included a raffle for twelve beautiful poinsettia plants and some words of appreciation from both Carol and Anthony Manzo, our President and CEO. Mr. and Mrs. Claus (an aptly disguised Barry Fineman and Bill Conaway) even stopped by for pictures and fun with a snowman (Fran Bojazi) and Christmas tree (Catherine Gephart).

It is our hope that all of the volunteers in attendance had a wonderful time enjoying an afternoon of laughter and entertainment as they relaxed and enjoyed some Christmas-themed cheer. image image image image