April 9 marks the 100th day of the year, the day that PPH celebrates its centenarians. What’s the secret to a happy, healthy and long life?

We spoke to four of our 17 centenarians, who all noted the friendships they share here at PPH as well as some of the wisdom they’ve gained in their lives.


  1. Companionship

Margaret and Anna, born one month apart in 1923, spend a lot of time together at PPH. You might find them enjoying lunch together in PPH’s Fountain Room, feeding the koi fish on a cool summer evening or enjoying an event in the Social Hall.

“When we’re together, Anna always reminds everyone that I’m one month older,” Marge said.

“Margaret and Anna are both great examples of how to live,” said PPH resident Natalie . “They are both grateful for everything in life.”

Two other centenarians who spend time together are Cecelia, 107, and Marcella, 104. The duo became friends prior to moving to PPH — they met as part of St. Martin’s seniors’ group, where they enjoyed line dancing, pinochle, and the companionship of fellow seniors.

“I’m so glad I know Cecelia,” Marcella said. “She’s terrific.”

“She always makes me feel good,” Cecelia said. “‘You can do this, Sis, and you can do that,’ she always says.”

Anna and Margaret at friend June’s 95th birthday party earlier this year

  1. ‘A good attitude’

Margaret says that as she got older, she never expected to make it to the Centenarian Club.

“My mom passed away at 99 and I never thought I’d reach 100,” she said.

But she made it, and she says another factor is demeanor.

“I think it’s all attitude,” she said. “You have to keep a good attitude.”


  1. Love of dance

Anna still loves to dance. If you were at PPH’s St. Patrick’s Day party in mid-March, you may have seen a leprechaun dancing — that was Anna!

From the cha-cha-cha to the Irish Jig and the Charleston in her younger years, dancing has always been a hobby of Anna’s.

“I danced on my 100th birthday last year; I did the polka with my granddaughter,” she said.


  1. Laughter

Margaret and Anna often spend time with Natalie and another PPH resident, June. The quartet calls themselves the Calendar Girls, inspired by the 2003 British comedy film.

What’s that film based on? A true story of a group of women who produced a calendar to raise money for leukemia research — and not just any calendar, a nude calendar!

It’s safe to say that a great sense of humor also helped Margaret and Anna make it to 100!

Cecelia’s friends/neighbors had to get a little creative on her 107th birthday!

  1. Healthy eating

Cecelia said that one of the keys to longevity is eating healthy and not smoking.

“What you eat is very important,” she said. “We all know what’s right and wrong and of course we choose what is most enjoyable, but I say we all know that smoking isn’t good for you.”

She kept mentally active for years by playing pinochle three days a week with friends, only slowing down a few years ago because of vision impairment.

Marcella and Cecelia two years ago after eating dinner together in PPH’s Dining Room.

  1. A place you can enjoy

Prior to moving to PPH 18 years ago, Marcella toured five other senior living communities, but ultimately came to the realization that PPH was the best fit for her; she was familiar with various aspects of the community such as the swimming pool in the Wellness and Aquatics Center, and friendly with some residents.

“PPH has everything. It’s like a little city you’re living in. You have your bank, you have your post office, you have your gift shop. You have all the things you need.” Marcella said.

But it wasn’t just about the luxury of being an elevator ride and a short walk away from the swimming pool that helped Marcella decide to make the move to PPH. A friend once told her, “You want to move [to a senior living community] while you’re capable of moving. You don’t want to wait until you’re sick and down and out.”

For these four centenarians, life is good at PPH!

To learn more about the life our residents live at PPH, give us a call at 215-697-8586.

Cecelia with friends on her 107th birthday