PPh staff and residents on National Wear Red Day, February 3rd.

February is universally recognized as the month of love. Thanks to the American Heart Association (AHA) it also is celebrated as American Heart Month, a time to bring awareness to the fight against heart disease, one of the leading causes of death in men and women in the United States.

“At PPh we highlight the month of February to encourage everyone to be more active, eat healthier and consider other lifestyle changes to help prevent heart disease,” said Donna Wojcik, Director of Wellness Services. A big part of American Heart Month is National Wear Red Day, which was on Friday, February 3rd.

“The work does not stop after National Wear Red Day. We hope all of our family members get up and get active this month,” said Maureen Solomon, Wellness Center Director. “Go for a walk around campus, hallways, or take our brand new Health & Wellness Center for a spin. It’s never too late to start!”