When you hear the terms “personal care” or “assisted living community,” what do you think of? Many individuals imagine a place where people go when they are older, sick or cannot maneuver on their own. Moving to a personal care community can be challenging when someone is accustomed to living on their own and at the place they call home for many years. While personal care carries its own stigma, in most instances, there are quite a few misconceptions surrounding this way of life. Here are three of the largest personal care misconceptions:

“Personal care communities are only for sick people”

Today’s personal care communities are designed to assist individuals with their activities of daily living (ADL). Today, many personal care facilities include apartments most would envy with beautiful landscapes and trails, exercise facilities, full-scale dining halls and more.

Residents in personal care simply need assistance with ADLs including: bathing, dressing, grooming and/or transportation. The professionals at PPH understand that everyone has different needs, so our team pioneered a personal care model offers residents different levels of care. Our goal is to provide the necessary support to maintain as much independence as possible, so residents can live their best life, stress free.

Senior living communities are full of people from all walks of life who enjoy the company of others, health and wellness services and many amenities they don’t have to go far to get. Each personal care resident enjoys private accommodations with a powder room, tv, mini-refrigerator and much more. Each suite is personalized for the individual, so they can bring their own furniture and other mementos that remind them of their former home.

 “Personal care communities are too expensive.”

Once you add up monthly costs of staying at home, a personal care facility could be a viable option. Consider this – if you’re still paying a mortgage, or there needs to be a caregiver on call for frequent check-ins. That money adds up. Add in the costs of family members having to miss work for appointments and other things. If something in the home breaks and it needs to be repaired. Groceries, utilities and other items in running a house should also be factored in. Is the person very active? Country club memberships, or memberships to places that offer recreational activity could start getting expensive. Once you take all these costs into account, a personal care community may break even or could come out on the cheaper side.

If the expenses are already between $2,000 and $5,000 a month, a personal care facility fits right into the budget. Additionally, if your family has prepared for long-term care, those resources could be factored into the equation. Veteran’s benefits may help offset the costs of pricing to make it more affordable.

“You lose your independence at a personal care community.”

Once you retire, one of the most important goals should be living your best life. Moving to a CCRC while you are healthy embraces new opportunities and experiences while promoting an independent lifestyle. Residents can participate in activities and other events but have the flexibility to live their lives as they want to without restrictions or reservations.

One of the great things about Personal Care at PPH is that we encourage residents to enjoy as much independence as possible. Plus, if a resident has medical needs, they will be taken care of without worry. Imagine living a care-free life where you don’t have to worry about cleaning a big home, cooking meals or how you’re going to get around. Your family can visit as they wish, and you can enjoy the social life and activities built into the community at PPH.

The Reality of Personal Care

A New Way of Life

The purpose of a personal care community is to ensure your loved one is always safe while taking the strain off worrying about or taking care of them daily. It’s not always easy growing older and having an outlet where they can remain active and embrace life the way it should be can be comforting for both the loved one and the family. A personal care community like PPH creates a haven for residents and goes the extra mile in ensuring they feel right at home.

Taking the time to understand what personal care offers can be a rewarding experience. It’s important to realize that not all personal care communities are the same. Doing your research and due diligence in making sure the community being considered meets all the needs of your loved one is of upmost importance. Luckily, our personal care program at PPH is catered directly to the individual in need of assistance.

Finding the Right Community

Making a list of the things your loved one is looking for and needs is the first step in determining the type of place would be the best fit. The facility should have a list of things they offer and compare it to the list. Finding out facts about your facility and reading reviews can make a difference in helping make the decision. It is always best to take a tour, try a short-stay program or speak to the director, medical staff and sales counselor to determine what a typical day at the facility is like.

You can find the best facility for your loved one with PPH. With superior independent living, personal care, rehabilitation and skilled nursing options, it’s more than a facility – it’s a family! Contact us for more information today.