Sister Maryann Tregoning (left) at an Alternative to Violence (ATV) project event. She was one of 120 national and international attendees.

PPH resident, Sister Maryann Tregoning, spent 48 years in Ghana as a sister of the Medical Mission Sisters teaching nursing. Maryann received her Registered Nurse degree in Detroit. While in school, she met both students and teachers who were Medical Mission Sisters. This connection inspired her to join this amazing organization. Maryann was inspired to become a nurse because one of her aunts was a nurse and she wanted to be just like her!

The Medical Mission Sisters (MMS) is an international Catholic Society of approximately 550 sisters and associates. They live and work on five continents, providing health Care to the poor and those in need. Their headquarters is located close to PPH in the Fox Chase neighborhood. Asked what advice she would give to someone considering a nursing career, she shared “nursing is one of the best, if not THE best career.” To read more about The Medical Mission Sisters, click here.

Thank you Sister Maryann!