Experience has shown that the first few months of transition can be difficult for new residents. But in every case, once the period of transition has passed, you will begin to get the feeling that “this is my new home.” Gone are many of the headaches of home ownership, while many of the pleasant aspects remain. Comfort, security, things to do and places to go, and your own bed and pillow waiting at the end of the day!

Many residents have lived at PPh for over two decades. For them, it truly has become their home. Neighbors, friends, and staff are now like family. There is a love, a trust, and a loyalty that is beautiful and clearly evident. This is one of the aspects of life at PPh that separate us from many, if not most, of the other senior communities.

Our mission is to serve the needs of the seniors in our area. Community-based service programs provide a wide range of services for seniors in the community that promote the integration of the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of each person.

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