Wellness Program

It is the mission of The Philadelphia Protestant Home’s Wellness Program to provide a senior friendly environment that is accessible to all, and encourages a fit and healthy lifestyle. Our wellness approach is a holistic one that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit or “whole-person” wellness.


Mind- Our brains retain the ability to grow and change throughout our lives. New experiences, new challenges and mental exercises can strengthen and enhance cognitive function over time. Engage in book clubs, Wisdom in Senior Education classes which promote lifelong learning, discussion groups and socialize with friends all while maximizing cognitive skills.

Body- A growing body of evidence shows lifestyle and nutrition choices affect “whole-person” wellness. You can choose from an array of programs and activities to improve physical health and heart healthy options at every meal encourage wise choices for you. Feeling good both physically and mentally is the basis to a healthy life.

Spirit- One of the beautiful aspects of being a part of our PPh family is the diverse faith traditions represented by residents and staff alike. We recognize the value of spiritual wellness and offer opportunities to explore various aspects of spirituality through yoga classes, multi-denominational services and activities that encourage friendship and fellowship.