125th Anniversary


On March 4, 1890, the vision of our founding fathers – to find a better way to minister to the needs of the aging – became a reality. March 4th also marks the date that our Home was incorporated, our Charter granted, and Maria Magdalena Seitz became our first resident – these are the roots of what is now our treasured past.


Since then, thousands of older adults at PPh have been offered an opportunity to live their retirement years with a new purpose, to age with dignity, and to be free of worry if they are no longer able to afford the cost of their care. As we celebrate this milestone, we ask our PPh Family to help us continue to make a difference.


As heirs to our founders’ vision, we are humbled and inspired to their example and to further their legacy of philanthropy with our 125th Anniversary Campaign to help pave the way for a triumphant future.


With your donation, residents of PPh will continue to enjoy life to the fullest and to age triumphantly.


For additional information, contact Diane Nawn at 215-697-8568 or make your gift on our secure online donation page at