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Posted on: Aug 10, 2018 by PPH

The summer months are typically a good mix of relaxation and fun for most Philadelphia seniors. Whether you have more opportunity to get out and enjoy the weather with family and friends or you choose to dedicate a portion of the warm days to gardening and golfing – there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Either […]

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Posted on: Jul 02, 2018 by PPH

Your brain is a lot like the other muscles in your body and just like your leg and arm muscles, your brain needs plenty of exercise to stay healthy. The human brain is truly magnificent and even though we have learned much about the brain as technology and science have advanced, there is still much about […]

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Posted on: Jun 18, 2018 by PPH

Aging in place is a broad term used to describe the idea of seniors living in the residence for as long as possible. The foremost goal of aging in place is to provide the services and amenities required to continue day to day living for the senior. At PPH, our all-in-one approach to senior living […]

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Posted on: May 18, 2018 by PPH

Nearly 4,000 residents and their families have received compassionate, life-changing care in the two decades since Pathways Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation opened its doors. And it’s not by accident that the incredible clinical staff has earned a reputation as best-in-class in the senior care industry, consistently landing on U.S. News & World Report‘s list of […]

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Posted on: May 18, 2018 by PPH

Philadelphia offers many activities for seniors who want to enjoy retirement, whether through taking in world-class arts exhibits, keeping up to date with Philadelphia sports teams, or touring the area’s top attractions. If you’re looking for a place to retire, here are some of the most popular activities for seniors. Spend Time in Museums Philadelphia […]

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Posted on: May 16, 2018 by PPH

Last week, the nation celebrated Nurses Week. The profession pioneered by the likes of Clara Barton and Florence Nightingale, has led to one of the most crucial roles in healthcare today. While the need for nurses will continue to grow with the population changes of society, skilled nursing facilities must play their part in ensuring […]

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Posted on: May 14, 2018 by PPH

After a serious medical event that requires not only hospitalization, but also rehabilitation services, you need to choose post-rehabilitation placement carefully. Although seniors may want to return to their homes right away, this may not be the safest option. Communities with nursing services offer the opportunity for seniors to recuperate in a safe and enjoyable […]

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Posted on: May 11, 2018 by PPH

Have you encountered a special PPH caregiver or other staff member, who makes a difference in the life of your loved one? In celebration of Mother’s Day, make a Guardian Angel gift and Recognize Someone Special. Visit our website to learn more and make your contribution. Contributions benefit the PPH mission to provide residents top-quality […]

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Posted on: Apr 30, 2018 by PPH

Keynote address by Retired Former Philadelphia Councilwoman Marian B. Tasco; Family testimonial by PPH Board Member William Gross; Nursing staff to create commemorative Memorial Time Capsule and celebrate Pathways’ legacy in Northeast Philadelphia May 10   Philadelphia, Pa., (May 2, 2018) –  Two decades ago, the entire PPH Family celebrated one of the most transformative […]

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Posted on: Apr 18, 2018 by PPH

As you head into your retirement years, it’s natural to start thinking about where you plan to live. Although some retirees stay in their homes, many head to retirement communities. Over the years, retirement communities in Philadelphia have added more incredible features to attract retirees. Independent living communities provide a safe and welcoming place for […]

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What Residents Say

"In my two years at PPH, I’ve grown to like it very much. At first, I felt like a stranger and then as I began to talk to people, we increasingly became good friends. A way to meet people is to join clubs. I’m now part of the PPH Auxiliary. I love helping with their flea markets because you never know what you can find. Recently, I’ve joined an evening quilting class. I love that I can continue to enjoy my life outside of PPH while experiencing the offers here.….especially the pool! Everything is just so convenient.

– Lucille Hite, Independent Living resident

What Families Say

"My mom is sooo happy at PPH, I can’t even describe it in strong enough words. She’s met so many new friends and these ladies do EVERYTHING together! She sees Dad every day in Pathways, but can have her life too. She’s gone to so many activities and I think I’ve already been to Scoops with her at least 15 times. She loves the dining room and Bistro too. My sister, Ilene, and I are so delighted that Mom is happy.......Wow, it feels like Mom’s been there about 2 years—but it’s only 2 months!! That’s how comfortable and natural it feels for her – and for all of us.

– Rhonda Frenkel, daughter of residents Jack & Bernice Segal