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Pathways residents and staff feel better when they’re dancing

Posted on: May 25, 2021

At PPH, we feel better when we’re dancing! Pathways’ celebrated National Skilled Nursing Care Week and National Nurse’s Week with a dance party. To view, click here!

PPH would like to thank all of our nurses and Nursing Home employees for their hard work, dedication and the love that has been shown to our residents. Our staff has braved the pandemic over the past year and inclement weather throughout the winter, but still came into work every day with an optimistic, hopeful outlook and a smile on their faces. There isn’t enough that can be said to thank them for all that they do.

For photos of other activities celebrating nurses throughout May, please visit our Facebook page:


What Residents Say

"In my nine years at PPH, I’ve grown to like it very much. At first, I felt like a stranger and then as I began to talk to people, we increasingly became good friends. A way to meet people is to join clubs. I’m now part of the PPH Auxiliary. I love helping with their flea markets because you never know what you can find. Recently, I’ve joined an evening quilting class. I love that I can continue to enjoy my life outside of PPH while experiencing the offers here.…especially the pool! Everything is just so convenient.

– Lucille Hite, Independent Living resident

What Families Say

"My mom is sooo happy at PPH, I can’t even describe it in strong enough words. She’s met so many new friends and these ladies do EVERYTHING together! She sees Dad every day in Pathways, but can have her life too. She’s gone to so many activities and I think I’ve already been to Scoops with her at least 15 times. She loves the dining room and Bistro too. My sister, Ilene, and I are so delighted that Mom is happy.......Wow, it feels like Mom’s been there about 2 years—but it’s only 2 months!! That’s how comfortable and natural it feels for her – and for all of us.

– Rhonda Frenkel, daughter of resident Bernice Segal

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